The Taksini App

Taksini is a modern taxi booking app that works on iOS and Android smartphones

The Taksini application integrates seamlessly with other services provided by Router Group and is also available as a stand-alone service.

Router Group’s mission is to connect customers and service providers via a comprehensive service.

Key features for customers


Book a taxi immediately - or in advance

  • Book a taxi without queuing
  • Possibility to select different vehicles for different needs
  • Automatic pick-up location pick-up, or manual address entry
    Information on the estimated arrival time once the driver is on way
  • Possibility to track taxi arrival on a map application
  • Notification when the taxi approaches the selected pick-up location
  • Information on the reception of ride and booking number directly to the application

Payment via the application

  • The application gives the set price of the trip beforehand
  • The customer can pay for the trip directly using a credit card, via the application
  • More than one credit card can be registered in the application

Personalized application

  • Option to evaluate the ride and give feedback
  • Option to save favorite addresses in advance
  • All trips, date and time, booking numbers, taxi number, driver name, and departure addresses are stored in the users’ personal profile

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To whom?

Taksini is designed to provide a great experience to both taxi companies and their customers.

Why join Taksini?

Existing customer base

The application has an ever-growing number of registered users and provides taxi companies with an extensive, existing customer base.

Continuously evolving

The Taksini application provides taxi customers with a wide range of features that are continuously improved to meet the latest customer and user experience standards.

We keep our customer promise

Taksini is built on reliability, availability, and customer focus. Taksini aims to provide users with a top-notch customer experience, based on high-quality and customer-oriented ride-booking and service standards.



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